Building Energy Efficient Homes overview

Building Energy Efficient Homes overview

By andrea | November 15, 2019

Welcome to our blog pages where we will post information about building energy efficient homes.  Each post will cover a different topic, helping you to gain a better understanding of how to choose your land, design your home and best build a home that will cost you less in energy bills and be a comfortable sanctuary, year round.   

Our upcoming topics will be giving you information about:    

  • Home size
  • Slab design
  • Thermal mass
  • Insulation
  • Windows – placement, double glazing, framework, automation
  • Building facades and materials
  • Home fittings, furnishings and colours
  • Heating, cooling and hot water
  • Solar Power and Battery Banks
  • Lighting, skylights, home appliances and automation
  • Rain water tanks, grey water, landscaping and pool pumps
  • Living in your home to optimise energy efficiency

As you can see, there’s so much to consider if you want to optimise the efficiency of your new home, or perhaps even improve upon the home you are currently living in.  If you are looking for a handbook to give you detailed information relevant to Australian homes, we have found the book titled “Your Home” which is Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes, to be an excellent resource.  It is written by architects, designers and builders who all have extensive knowledge in building energy efficient or sustainable homes.  The book can be ordered online at for $38.50 plus postage (as at Nov 2019).  The contents of the book are also accessible free, online via the same website.

Another great resource is the “Modern Green Homes Sanctuary” magazine, published by the Alternative Technology Association, a not for profit environmental organisation promoting renewable energy, sustainable building and water conservation.  This magazine is readily available from newsagents and is released on a quarterly basis.  It can also be purchased online and delivered to your door.  and

For those who are keen to know more about building an energy efficient home, I look forward to bringing you a regular blog topic to help you understand the principles.

If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss building your energy efficient home, please complete our “contact us” page, or call me on
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