Building Your Home

Building Your

Eco Home

Eco Homes are warm in winter and cool in summer without big energy bills. You can live “cleaner and greener” every day.

To maximise energy efficiency the correct design and properly executed building processes are crucial. With over 25 years’ experience in building eco-friendly, energy efficient homes, Justin is likely to have used many of the energy efficient techniques available today. Off grid homes, trombe walls, ducted heat exchangers, a myriad of window designs, imported materials, rammed earth, straw bales and unusual designs are all familiar aspects to Justin or materials for which he can source trusted experts.

For an eco-friendly, energy efficient home to work effectively, choosing a local building designer and builder are imperative. Engaging “specialists” who are not familiar with our local climate and weather patterns can be a costly mistake. Our most important tip for you is to ensure you are using professionals who have LOCAL knowledge.

There are a variety of energy efficient building techniques that can achieve the outcome you’re after. To learn more about building an energy efficient home and about each component of energy efficient building practices, please follow our blog.

Building a new home can seem daunting. We prefer to clear all the hurdles early on so that your journey is a smooth one. Whether you’re thinking “there are so many options...I don’t know what to do” or if your plans are drawn and you’d like a price for your home, please call us on 0420 296 061 or fill in our “Contact Us” form so that we can help take your frustrations and worries away.