Planning Your Eco Home

planning Your

Eco Home

Budget and design frustrations can be a thing of the past. During your Eco Design consultation we can help you get super clear on the purpose & function of your new home.

We work with you to create the vital design information which will guide your architect or building designer to keep within your budget. This is a “must do” first step particularly if you are not sure how to present your brief to the designer.

Too often thousands of dollars and countless hours are wasted on designs which once quoted by the builder are over budget and unobtainable.

Our Eco Design consultation allows you to discuss your design dreams with an experienced builder who can recommend the ideal size and building materials to suit your budget. We want to help you live sustainably, save on energy bills and design a home where you can enjoy life. Be confident that you won’t waste thousands of dollars on plans which will never be used.

Justin will offer many helpful hints on how to undertake your building journey and Andrea will follow-up on everything, taking care of any hassles! Call us to start planning your building journey and avoid costly mistakes.